Data Scientist / Data Engineer Position

About Lanterne

Lanterne is an award-winning startup based in London. Our mission is to improve people’s quality of life by unlocking the value of data. Our first product was the Crowdless App. Our current product makes micromobility systems responsive and profitable by predicting user demand and optimising operations.

About the role

We are hiring a data scientist / data engineer to join our ambitious technical team. You can expect an exciting and diverse workload, which includes improving our demand prediction machine learning models, working on our data collection and data transformation pipelines, as well as working on our route optimisation algorithm. You will be collaborating intensively with our software engineering and product team. You should have:

  • the ability to write clean code in Python and experience with packages like Numpy and Pandas;
  • experience in advanced data analysis and building machine learning models;
  • experience or a strong interest in data engineering;
  • ideally experience with AWS services such as Lambda, Glue and Sagemaker;

Most importantly, we’re looking for someone who’s eager to learn about using an appropriate tool to solve a problem and who enjoys working flexibly in a fast-moving team.

The position would be full-time starting on 1 October 2021.

We are a fully-remote team so you’ll be able to work from a space that suits you. We are able to provide co-working space if you believe it would boost your productivity.