Demand predictions

Get highly accurate demand predictions tailored to your fleet and boost utilisation by up to 30 %.

Accurate demand predictions for any fleet size and type

Our demand prediction model leverages your internal fleet utilisation and supply data as well as external data such as weather and geography (e.g. proximity to tourist hotspots or public transport) to make highly accurate demand predictions.

Through fine-tuning our model to the specific use case, we have proven that it works well for fleet sizes from below 100 to multiple thousand vehicles. It also works for both free-floating and stations-based fleets.

Identifying the demand-supply gap

Our model is tailored specifically towards identifying areas of oversupply and undersupply, so you know where you need to take action. Through our innovative smart grid approach, we also ensure a consistently high model accuracy across your area of operation – from the city center to the outskirts.

Further, our model disentangles supply and demand to give you estimates on the true underlying demand in an area instead of merely an estimate of utilisation.

No risk pilot

You don’t have to take our word for how good our technology is.

We offer a free-of-charge initial analysis including a report with metrics on model accuracy and expected business value. From there on we offer a low price real world pilot to prove our value.