Insights dashboard

We provide a dashboard that gives you insights into key metrics to track operational efficiency, fleet performance and the success of your rebalancing strategy.

This enables you to see when things go wrong so you can take immediate action.

Operational efficiency

We show you how many tasks your fleet technicians performed broken down by day and task type. We also inform you about the optimal number of tasks swapping tasks that should have been done so you can see if you need to do more, or if you can scale down the hours.

We track tasks completed automatically from the fleet data, so that it does not depend on any manual input.

Fleet performance

Fleet performance statistics are the very foundation of any micromobility provider’s reporting. However, we know how tricky it is to get them right which is why we include our set of robust fleet performance metrics. These include the average number of active vehicles, fleet availability and rides per vehicle per day.

Rebalance performance

Rebalancing is crucial to a successful micromobility business. In the end, you need to make sure that your vehicles are positioned where there is demand. However, truly understanding the success of a rebalancing strategy is difficult. There are so many confounding factors like weather, seasonality or events that distort measurements.

Our unique methodology matches rebalanced vehicles to vehicles that should have been rebalanced but weren’t to approximate the true effect of rebalancing. Understanding the impact of your rebalancing strategy gives you the power to optimise it and unlock more rides.