Smart tasks

Boost your operational efficiency while you optimise your fleet.

Prioritise the tasks that have the highest cost-benefit ratio

We know that being able to forecast demand is one thing but acting on these insights is a different story. Our smart task solution makes integrating Lanterne’s insights into your operational workflow a breeze.

Based on the state of your fleet and our demand predictions, we give you a list of tasks that have the highest impact in relation to their cost – be it battery swapping or rebalancing tasks.

One list for all your tasks

Our proprietary task prioritisation engine takes in the current state of your fleet, such as vehicle locations, battery levels, and vehicle break downs, as well as our demand predictions. From that, it generates tasks and assigns priorities to these tasks.

These tasks are then fed into a route optimisation algorithm that will sequence your work based on your available operational capacities. The result is increased operational efficiency. You get done more tasks – and more important tasks – in less time!