Software Engineer Position


About Lanterne

Lanterne is an award-winning data science and geospatial analytics company based in the UK, Europe, and Australia. Our mission is to use data to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport. Lanterne predicts demand for micro-mobility companies to help them to get more rides, and optimises the route for fleet technicians, helping them complete the most tasks in the shortest amount of time. Additionally, Lanterne helps mobility companies plan their expansion and monitor their fleet performance. Lanterne launched in 2019, and has previously collaborated on innovative geospatial projects with the European Space Agency and Innovate UK.


Candidate role

In this role you will get to understand, design, develop, test, maintain and improve our codebase, composed of multiple backend services, tools for accomplishing core tasks and a web application.

  • The backend services and tools are developed using Python combined with various tools (e.g. Poetry) and libraries (e.g. mypy, pytest).
  • The web application is developed using React.js.
  • The responsibilities of the backend services and tools are varied and include some very interesting algorithms. Some of the more interesting ones that could be shortly explained are: ETL and machine learning services or tools, and the vehicle routing solver.
  • The backend is built using an AWS cloud native backend microservices architecture. Some of the services we use are: Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, Step Functions, Glue, and ECS.
  • Current dev ops and developer productivity processes and tools: CloudFormation, AWS SAM, ECR, SNS, AppConfig, and Amplify.

Lanterne is an early-stage startup, and you will have a strong influence on the engineering culture and processes of the company, as well as the design of our entire system.


Company offer

  • Full time salary (negotiable, up to £60k depending on talent and experience).
  • Stock options.
  • Fully remote.
  • Be one of the first engineers in a pre-seed funded startup!
  • Highly flexible work schedule (we expect you to be present at meetings during core European businesses hours, but otherwise we are flexible on when and where you work)
  • Work in a company that values a good work life balance and a healthy work environment which promotes thoughtfulness, kindness, empathy and understanding.


Please apply for this position via LinkedIn.