Software Engineer / Data Engineer Position

Our award-winning startup uses the power of data science and AI to make transportation more efficient and more responsive to user demand. We predict demand for shared micromobility vehicles (e-scooters, bikes etc.) and optimise the operations of the companies that provide mobility as a service. This involves providing insights into how to (re-)distribute and maintain their fleet. 

The result is:

  1. Better access to mobility in our cities;
  2. Lower CO2 emissions; and
  3. A profitable micromobility industry.


At Lanterne you can have a major impact on the engineering culture as well as on the company culture. The role has unfettered access to everyone in the team, including the CEO, CTO and COO. Our culture is open, friendly, and agile. We encourage self-directed learning and taking ownership of work packages to design and execute as productively as possible. 

We value a good work life balance as well as a healthy work environment and encourage our employees to take those aspects seriously. 


What you will be doing:

  • design, implement and extend backend distributed systems leveraging Python and AWS
  • design external facing APIs meant to be used by our customers
  • web application development using React
  • enforcement of engineering standards and best practices 
  • CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and alarming
  • machine learning pipelines including data engineering, model training and post processing


What we’re looking for:

  • strong understanding of core software engineering principles, including but not limited to:
    • easy to change software
    • clean coding
    • decoupling
    • concurrency
    • object oriented programming
  • familiarity with designing and implementing internal and external facing backend distributed systems
    • knowledge of cloud computing concepts
    • knowledge of API design
    • knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases
  • knowledge of software engineering best practices and standards from the perspective of developer workflows and productivity
  • knowledge of DevOps


Nice to have:

  • experience with Python
  • experience with AWS
  • experience with web applications development and a framework similar to React / Angular / Vue / Ember / …
  • understanding the principles of serverless architectures
  • Basic knowledge of machine learning concepts



  • stock options
  • fully remote (we can work together on arranging working from a coworking space if that works better for you!)
  • flexible schedule (and flexibility in general in regards to all aspects e.g. amount of annual holidays)
  • work in a company that values a good work life balance and a healthy workspace environment