Reduce idle times of micromobility vehicles. Increase revenue.

Helping micromobility companies know where to distribute vehicles by predicting demand across cities.

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Know demand patterns ahead of time

We provide you with detailed demand predictions to facilitate smart mobility. You’ll know exactly when and where you should be distributing micromobility vehicles to increase the number of rides per day. With Lanterne you get demand predictions:

  • through an API, dashboard or emails – tailored to suit your operations
  • on an hour-by-hour basis
  • down to the street-level


Get the most valuable tasks done

Our smart tasks solution tells you exactly what the highest impact interventions on your fleet are at any given point in time.

We tell you which battery swapping and rebalancing tasks to prioritise in what order, so you can optimise your fleet more efficiently.

Become a pilot partner

Become a pilot partner and get demand predictions and optimisation recommendations tailored to your fleet.

Boost rides by up to 30 %

You want more rides but rebalancing is expensive. We help you optimise your fleet so you can boost overall rides while focussing on the rebalancing interventions that are profitable. 

With Lanterne you get
  • 30 % more rides on fleet level and
  • more than double the rides per vehicle per day after a rebalancing intervention.

How it works

We use proprietary and open-source data in combination with machine learning to forecast demand patterns with unprecedented accuracy.

Our solution is easy to integrate

The operator provides access to their rides and supply data feed (e. g. a MDS feed).

Lanterne generates demand predictions and actionable fleet optimisation recommendations.

The operator receives predictions and recommendations through our dashboard or an API.

The operator rebalances the fleet to close the demand-supply gap.

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Lanterne's Covid-19 response

Lanterne developed Crowdless, a free platform with global coverage that helps people with social distancing. It provides real-time data on how crowded supermarkets are so that people can avoid crowds, choose the least busy place and best time to visit. The platform uses a combination of existing data sources and crowdsourced data in combination with machine learning.

“I have been promoting Crowdless in my community, because I am sure there are lots of people like me who prefer to avoid queues and crowded shops.”
Community Ambassador from Oxford, UK
“The Crowdless app enables users to provide live updates of the busyness of supermarkets. Being able to choose favourite stores is also a great feature which will empower users to find information related to the busyness of the stores which they mostly buy from.”
Community Ambassador from Cape Town, South Africa
“I strongly recommend using the Crowdless app… which is really innovative since it allows people to interact by updating with real-time information on how crowded stores are.”
Community Ambassador from São Bernardo do Campo City, Brazil