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Product Features

Easy to use filtering, task generation and vehicle control.

Boost productivity

Complete up to 25% more tasks with an easy-to-use operator app

  • See all your operational tasks on one glance, and filter by type or priority to focus on what really matters.
  • A simple interface helps you work more efficiently and reduces errors
  • Lock, unlock, and change vehicle state directly from the app.
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Increase Revenue

Increase revenue by up to 20% with automated task scheduling

  • Battery swap, maintenance and rebalance tasks are automatically scheduled for your service technicians.
  • Tasks are prioritised to make sure important ones are being completed.
  • Rebalances are based on our AI-based demand prediction model.
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Gain insights into operations team productivity

  • Easily detect operational underperformance. Receive notifications directly to your inbox.
  • Monitor and benchmark your technicians’ productivity.
  • Track how many tasks have been completed by time and type.
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Simple and streamlined.

Integration is supported for in-house fleet software or a range of off-the-shelf fleet management software partners.

We directly integrate with your fleet management system, enabling the service team to control vehicles and monitor performance without switching apps.

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