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Lanterne and Zemtu partner to help car sharing companies reduce downtime and increase utilisation.

In a car sharing fleet, it’s critical to maintain vehicles in good condition and available to rent.

Dirty cars or unresolved technical problems will worsen your customers’ experience or make them cancel their bookings.

Zemtu and Lanterne’s new partnership ensures that operators can run their fleet efficiently to reduce downtime, increase utilisation and improve customer experience.

Zemtu’s software offers a comprehensive solution for car sharing providers, including fleet management, billing and the interface for users to book and access the cars.

Lanterne complements this offer through its unique focus on operations management. It automatically detects issues with your fleets, creates and prioritises tasks, and sends alerts to your operations team.

This means your team will always know what needs to be done and can resolve issues blazingly fast. In addition to that, Lanterne also tracks your operational and fleet KPIs, so you can easily drill down into metrics such as availability, utilisation and time to issue resolution.

With this new partnership, integrating Lanterne is easier than ever, as it now seamlessly connects to Zemtu. Get in touch now to start your car sharing business with Zemtu and raise it to the next level with Lanterne.